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Something old, something new

When dealing with PHI, some of the practices we have always considered secure need to be rethought. Gone are the days of wired phones, fax machines and answering machine. When you send a fax or leave a message today, you … Continue reading

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Bring your vendor into your BAAs

As a vendor, Business Associate Agreements (BAA) are something that I am very familiar with.  Our business deals with PHI directly in order to provide the services we offer. This means that we need to have a signed BAA with … Continue reading

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Protect your computer — from your family

With the summer in full swing and summer holidays here, I started thinking about those of you who work from home. These days, most facilities either have work-at-home staff or have given staff members the ability to do so. It … Continue reading

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Don’t mix employee data with PHI

Recently, a National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) judge ruled that there were no grounds for the termination of an employee who was fired for accessing coworker information from the facility’s medical records system. The facility stated that the termination was … Continue reading

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What’s in your email?

These days we use email for everything. We use it to communicate with our staff, our bosses and our vendors.  The problem for those of us who work with patient documentation is the proper handling of PHI. Many facilities now … Continue reading

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