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Doctor reviews open up can of worms for HIPAA

I don’t know about you but when I am traveling to someplace different I almost always look at the reviews of the hotel or for a recommended restaurant. I even read the reviews when I want to download an audible … Continue reading

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Auditing as a management tool

As part of our HIPAA requirements, we must do a security assessment of our systems and procedures. Audits are part of that security assessment and part of our requirements under HIPAA, but have you ever thought about using the audits … Continue reading

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Here come the HIPAA audits

The Office of Civil Rights (OCR) started phase 2 of the HIPAA audit program on March 21, 2016.  Phase 2 will primarily be desk audits but depending on what they find, there will be some on-site audits as well. The … Continue reading

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Whiteout – It’s not just correction fluid

I live on the East Coast and, as most everyone knows, we just had a major snow storm.  There was so much snow that it shut down everything, including the government. What it didn’t shut down were the medical facilities … Continue reading

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HIPAA: Required versus addressable — what does that mean?

The HIPAA security rule can be very confusing when you are reading it. The HIPAA security rule implementation has procedures listed as either required or addressable. I think “addressable” versus “required” is extra confusing. We all know what required is, … Continue reading

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