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Save money on your next computer

At some point, you will need to buy a new computer.  Hopefully it won’t be because your old computer died.  Today’s blog is a suggestion about how you can get a new computer for less. I recently purchased a new … Continue reading

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My computer is down, and it won’t come up!

In the old days, when you bought a computer it came with a set of disks that you could use to reinstall Windows completely.  Unfortunately those who were less than honest used these disks to install Windows on lots of … Continue reading

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Where’s my computer?

While this information will prove to be more useful for Windows 8 users, it is also relevant to those using Windows 7. There are times when you need to access files directly on your computer.  Windows XP called it My … Continue reading

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New computer tips – part two

In my last blog posting, I discussed Windows 7 File Recovery in Windows 8, which is basically a way to back up and restore your computer. This posting will discuss the other Windows 8 recovery option, which uses a USB … Continue reading

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Would you like some data with that?

I was driving on my road Saturday morning, and some kids tried to get me to go to a yard sale across the street from their house. They were jumping up and down with signs … the only way to … Continue reading

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