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Have you ever wanted to remind yourself to do something or check on a project when you get back to the office? So you send yourself an email only to have it get lost among all your other emails or accidentally deleted with the massive amount of spam that comes in overnight. Oops!

Andrew Clarke

Wouldn’t it be nice to schedule an email on the fly so that it arrives on a specific date at a specific time?

Well, now you can using Time Cave ( Time Cave allows you to schedule up to two emails per day for free. If you like the service, it’s only $12 a year. You can have a message show up on Monday morning at 9:30 so that it comes in as a new email shortly after you arrive at work. You can also use this service to schedule a birthday greeting to a friend or colleague.

If you use Gmail, Boomerang ( is a very useful program or add on. It allows you to schedule an email for future delivery, remind yourself to handle an email later, or even follow up with people who have not responded to emails you have sent. If you elect to remind yourself to handle an email later, the email disappears from your inbox and reappears at the time you choose.

You can also schedule recurring emails, but this feature is only available in the pay version of the app. The free version contains almost all of the same features as the pay version with a limit of 10 messages per month. Unlike the similar “send later” feature included in Microsoft Outlook, you don’t need to be logged in or even be on line in order for the scheduled event to work. It just works … like magic. :-)

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