ICD-10: (Yet another in the long list of) priorities for hospitals

While delivery of the best patient care is the goal of every healthcare facility, every initiative today inside of hospitals has some component of IT and most are driven by it.

CEO Linda Sullivan

Much ground has been covered since the advent of HITECH in 2009 and yet the landscape, instead of becoming clearer, is strewn with more mandates, initiatives, and requirements. The word “priority” doesn’t apply any more because everything inside of hospitals is a priority.

The ICD-10 October deadline does move it to the top of the heap; do it or pay the consequences. Do it well, or …

There is no room for mistakes – not on a cost basis and not on a time basis. There is no time and there is no extra money. Add to that a shortage of IT personnel and 2014 is shaping up to be perhaps the most challenging hospitals have faced to-date.

Cost-effective efficiencies must be sought as part of this process. ICD-10 requires a much higher degree of specificity and while some can be addressed in templates and drop-down menus, certainly not all. Using transcription as a tool to ease this process just makes sense. The transcription industry, along with many other healthcare-related service sectors, has gone through a shake-up and a shake-out. Turning to a transcription company today who has a proven, long-term track record will be one of the smartest decisions hospitals can make.

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