AHIMA update: ICD-10 fuels rising interest in transcription

I just returned from the 85thannual AHIMA convention, held this year in Atlanta. It is always valuable to connection with colleagues and clients alike at the convention and this year proved to be no exception. What was of particular interest to me was the numerous conversations I had with other transcription vendors who were saying that there seemed to be a serious uptick in interest on the part of healthcare facilities for medical transcription.

NEMT CEO Linda Sullivan


I believe one driver of that is the fact that ICD-10, which kicks off in just under 11 months, will require increased documentation for accurate diagnostic coding and therefore reimbursement. Another thought I heard expressed was that doctors were really and truly getting fed up with the fact that they are seeing fewer patients, getting paid less and having to work longer hours.

If doctors aren’t well paid, it no longer will be a sought-after profession. Consequently there may be fewer physicians at the very time when not only the number of patients will be swelling, but the number of patient encounters rises as well as Boomers make their way into their retirement years.

Will this change the perspective and priorities of the C-suite in healthcare facilities? My guess is not immediately but eventually.

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