Innovation meets cooperation

Someone once described business to me as sands constantly shifting under your feet. I would say that’s a pretty apt description of what’s going on in healthcare today.

CEO Linda Sullivan

One recent article I read said that data silos are finally starting to break up. Another article, however, sites the former ONC chief Farzad Mostashari, M.D., who stepped down within the last two weeks from that job. Delivering the keynote to an audience of CHIME CIOs, he said, “We can’t wait for interoperability. It’s past time.”

Wasn’t one of the primary goals of HITECH to improve the availability of patient data across all systems?

Looking back, historically nearly all hardware and software delivered to healthcare facilities was proprietary. Interoperability requires that we leave that behind but as Mostashari points out, it’s not happening at the pace it should be.

“Still, technology by definition gets better over time, but some things in medicine haven’t changed in many years, Mostashari said. “We’ve been shackled. Trying to change a system like healthcare is very hard,” he said. But with forces jealously guarding the status quo, it becomes “nearly impossible.”

It’s one of many of the latest challenges for businesses delivering services into the healthcare environment – how to be innovative while simultaneously swinging the door open to interoperability with other vendor systems.

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One Response to Innovation meets cooperation

  1. Vinicio says:

    I’m interested in jnnoiig the Healthcare Scene network. I’m a huge supporter of the concept of EMRs, and a huge detractor of our health care system and the current implementation of EMRs which the system demands. I think I would bring a definitely different perspective to the HS Network.

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