Odds and ends and unsolicited advice

Apple just released IOS 7 and users couldn’t wait to download it. Many experienced long download times due to the overwhelming demand. Some people had to erase lots of data from their devices just to download the update due to its size. Then the trouble began. Many apps aren’t compatible with the new IOS. Some have special settings that didn’t matter before.

The biggest problem is that Apple doesn’t allow users to go back to the previous IOS, even if they did a backup just before upgrading.

Andrew Clarke

My unsolicited advice: When there is a major software change (it doesn’t matter if it’s a computer, a phone, or a tablet), WAIT! There are several benefits:

  • Someone else can find the bugs – there are always additional fixes released shortly after a major software change. Apple is already up to IOS 7.0.2.
  • You will be able to download faster once the servers aren’t being bombarded with people who “just can’t wait!”
  • Companies that write apps will have time to release updates of their own since they will now be able to test with an actual operating system and not the beta version.
  • You will get to keep your hair, or at least stop it from turning gray prematurely.

For those of you who have been unfortunate enough to need to replace your computer and, therefore, been forced into the Windows 8 realm head this warning. There is a major difference between cutting edge (those who wait) and bleeding edge (those that just have to have the latest and greatest first).

Soon Microsoft will release Windows 8.1, which promises to fix many of the problems people are having with Windows 8 in addition to adding the Start button. Don’t be the first on your block to download this update. Read about how others are dealing with the update. Once the smoke clears, give it a shot.

The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese!

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One Response to Odds and ends and unsolicited advice

  1. Betsy Ertel says:

    Excellent, Andrew! I love your post and read everyone of them! Great advice. However, I have ended up with a Windows 8 machine (as a learning tool to direct my customers through SpeedType™ setup and usage) It has been a learning curve. Can’t wait…or will choose to wait…for the Win 8.1 Update. That Start button is necessary with desktop icons. Apply your programming talents to enhance PC users, Microsoft, not challenge them!

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