NEMT, ChartNet team up for speech rec externships

In case you missed it, this month’s “For The Record” magazine has a great article about NEMT and ChartNet and their partnership to bring speech recognition externships to transcription students.

Tara Courtland

Communications Director Tara Courtlan

Internships have long been offered as a way for companies to bring potential employees up to speed before they officially join the company. NEMT’s externship program is different because it gives students real-world experience much earlier in the process — before they even finish school.

We’ve been providing externships to medical transcription students for several years but this is the first time we’ve expanded the program to provide speech recognition training as well.

Without these externships, students would graduate without having real experience in speech recognition editing — the cost of the platform is just too high for schools to provide the training. NEMT and ChartNet are absorbing the costs as part of their service to the industry, so schools can participate at no cost.

It’s a great article — I know because I wrote it. Take a look:

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About Tara Courtland

Tara Courtland is the communications director at NEMT.
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