Expectations and reality in education

The current issue of AHDI’s “Plexus” magazine includes a feature story about medical transcription students and the challenges they have in breaking into the job market.

Tara Courtland

Communications Director Tara Courtlan

I’d say that it’s an excellent piece that everyone should read, but as I’m the one who wrote it, my opinion is naturally a bit biased.

Nevertheless, the article does touch on some important points about salary expectations, professionalism, internships and voice recognition training.

I wrote the article because NEMT has an externship program that helps to train transcription students on real accounts. We’ve been doing this for two years now but this summer, we’re expanding the program to include sessions on professionalism in the virtual workplace and voice recognition editing.

The externship program is open to any AHDI-accredited school and has no cost to either the student or the school — it’s just something we do as part of our service to the industry.

You can download a copy of the article by clicking here and if you are a teacher interested in signing onto the program, you can contact Betsy Ertel at betsy@speedtype.com for details on how to get involved.

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About Tara Courtland

Tara Courtland is the communications director at NEMT.
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One Response to Expectations and reality in education

  1. Betsy Ertel says:

    Thanks, Tara, for all your hard work on this endeavor and getting the word out. We do need more student groups to take advantage of this program which helps them bridge over into the real work force.

    Externship meeting will take place at AHDI national conference in Orlando Lake Buena Vista Palace July 31-Aug 3.

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