Hip, hip HIPAA (hooray!)

At NEMT, we’re in the process of completing our annual HIPAA testing of each and every individual in the company. When we began HIPAA testing several years ago, we made a decision to test every person in the company – not just those who have access to PHI (protected health information).

That means everyone at NEMT, full-time, part-time and independent contractors, from the CEO to the salesman, to the bookkeeper to every MT – has to take HIPAA classes and tests each year.

I just finished mine earlier this week and I must say there is a lot to be said for having a refresher course. I will admit that I failed the first time even after reading our manual again. I’m not sorry that happened because it made me realize that we really need to stay on our toes in our jobs every day in light of our goal to enhance the delivery of patient care.

We feel so strongly about this that NEMT President Linda Allard is studying now for AHIMA’s CHPS exam (Certified in Healthcare Privacy and Security). We simply cannot be too careful about this extremely important issue


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One Response to Hip, hip HIPAA (hooray!)

  1. Kathie Anderson says:

    I am proud to be a member of the NEMT team as an IC. It is refreshing to be employed to a company that is so concerned with patient care, welfare and well being of all employees, provide clients with what they need, and still manage to thrive in these economic times. Hip Hip HOORAY for NEMT!!!

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