Celebrating the workforce

Labor Day as a holiday I think has more significance to me than many. Yes, July 4th kicks off the summer and Thanksgiving ushers in the holiday season but Labor Day is a true turning point in many ways.

Beyond the back-to-school piece of it, it’s a page turning as well for businesses – finishing up the third quarter, looking at what we still need to accomplish before year’s end, and rolling up our sleeves and getting back to work again.

Most importantly, of course, it is a day for all employers to celebrate our valued workforce.

NEMT has what I believe is the best workforce in our industry. As the AHDI designated Employer of the Year, some others obviously think so as well.

Why are NEMT folks some of the best?

Dedication, caring, high level of skills, willingness to continue to learn (actually an eagerness to learn), and terrific attitude.

I don’t think we really celebrate Labor Day other than to take advantage of the last weekend of the summer, but I am celebrating today because I have a great job that I love and I work with awesome folks.

Happy Labor Day.


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