Bueller? Bueller? … Are they still listening to your message?

Marketing – blogs, white papers, e-blasts with “valuable content” and webinars have become trendy in the last couple of years. Are they still a good idea? What is your experience with them? Do you read white papers? Attend webinars? Do you find these tools to be helpful sources of information, or are they just background noise?

We are literally inundated by the media blitz. Even though I have a spam filter on my inbox, I still get multiple e-blasts from the same “marketing” gurus repeatedly. Add to that newsletters (daily, weekly or monthly depending on the source), and all the other supposedly useful information … there simply is not enough time to even sift through them.

Now I can think of one weekly newsletter I get that I actually do read consistently – it’s brief enough to be done in under two minutes and it always has something worthwhile to impart – this particular one is from Suzanne Bates (http://www.bates-communications.com) but that’s the only one.

Internally at NEMT we are struggling to figure out if we should produce a webinar or put together white papers – the question being: What do people actually want to know about and even if we do produce them, will they be read?

We are blogging regularly and since you’re reading this, we would really be interested in knowing if it has value for you.

To take the question to the next level, I’d love to hear if you find webinars useful and why; or if there are blogs that you consistently follow and why; and whether you ever do the click-through and pick up a white paper (and then do you actually read it ? I have numerous white papers downloaded on my computer that remain unread.)

Let us know what you think!

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2 Responses to Bueller? Bueller? … Are they still listening to your message?

  1. Kasey says:

    Webinars tend to be a time to mute the speaker phone and catch up paper work.

  2. Marie Janes says:

    I believe a good business manager and leader ought to receive the newsletters, blogs, white papers, webinars and email blasts and make their own choice as to what they keep or delete. If one simply dismisses everything because it takes time to filter the information, just think how much useful information or possible opportunity is lost!

    As an instructor, I often save articles that I believe may help students in a current or future course, either for discussion or research. I also notify students when a webinar relates to current course topics. I believe this is a forward thinking approach.

    I know of faculty, however, who delete incoming emails and refuse to send notices via an email blast. By doing so, they are short-changing the students’ right to choose. For example, if a notice of a webinar related to coursework crosses my desk via email and I only choose to send it to a few select students or none at all–what if it would be useful to a student and that student never had the opportunity to decide for themselves? In all fairness, every student should have the opportunity to keep or delete as they see fit. I enjoy making the choice of what to keep or delete. I can only hope others making the same choices, as well!

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