What’s your batting average?

Baseball season in America … whether your game is little league, high school, college, semi-pro, professional or all of the above, the season is in full swing.

NEMT New Business Development Director Rick Bisson

And even if you’re not a big sports fan you have to love the excitement of rooting for the home team.  Watching a game or catching the highlights, it’s all about the numbers: batting average, earned run average, runs batted in, homeruns, stolen bases – the list goes on.  The game vitals are displayed on your TV screen: runs, men on base, pitch count, inning, even the speed of each pitch.  And why are the numbers so important? Because the team with the best percentages wins more games and increases their likelihood of earning a spot in the World Series.

Like baseball, healthcare has its own arsenal of statistics: infection rate, readmissions, billing cycle, mortality and the list goes on and on.  Patient safety drives healthcare measurements.   Regulatory and competitive forces compound the need for improved statistics.  Meaningful Use has driven attention and focus on results at an amazing pace.  Like baseball, adding financial incentives has earned teams and their players attention and produced improved results.

The stakes in healthcare are very different than baseball.  Patient care is the final outcome.  Winning the game in healthcare means curing disease, healing wounds and preventing illness.  The World Series in healthcare is saving lives.

Physicians, nurses, administrators, health information, housekeeping and vendors all play a role in saving lives.  We are the pitchers, fielders, batters, designated hitters, managers, bat boys and grounds keepers.  In transcription, our vitals are the accuracy and timeliness of patient reports.  Our vitals for this year stand at 99.29% accuracy and 99.84% turnaround.   Accurate reports, delivered before they’re due – we take that notion seriously.   We’re focused on the World Series.

What does your season look like?  Are your results leading you to a winning season?  Will you make the playoffs?  Contact me.  Let’s discuss a game winning strategy.

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