Fear and loathing (ICD-10 isn’t as scary as you think)

Last week, I attended the AHIMA 2012 ICD-10 Summit. The program kicked off with Rose Dunn, COO of First Class Solutions and past interim CEO of AHIMA. If ICD-10 is in your future, take every opportunity to hear what she has to say.

One of my takeaways from her presentation is that if your facility is not at the very least in the planning stages for implementing ICD-10, make it your first priority beginning today.

I also got an interesting perspective from Debbie Abbott, the director of Resolutions (Int) Pty Ltd, located in Australia. She was involved in the process, from the government side, of bringing up ICD-10 in that country in 1998.

One of her observations was that once ICD-10 is in place, because the look-up methodology is so much more intuitive than ICD-9, it becomes much easier to use after the break-in period.

Her other interesting observation was that there was so much fear, which she found very surprising.  My observation, having attended several ICD-10 workshops and events, is that while there is fear, there appears to be less of it.

Even with the deadline extension (likely now to be Oct. 1, 2014), people seem to be simply accepting the inevitable and getting on with it.

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One Response to Fear and loathing (ICD-10 isn’t as scary as you think)

  1. Jason McDowell says:

    NEMT’s newsletter is informative. This is the first time I had read it. I read the ICD-10 and Getting on the bus: 6 tips… blogs. Good stuff. Thanks.

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