Every challenge is an opportunity

One of the challenges in my world these days is this: I’m chairman of the 2012 Annual Conference Committee for the Clinical Documentation Industry Association. That is, I am organizing the CDIA national conference.

An opportunity? Definitely. A challenge? Wow!

As with so many industries in our rapidly changing world, there is a major consolidation happening. While it has happened before in the medical transcription industry, this time the confluence of HITECH incentive dollars, rapidly changing and improving technologies, the flattening of the world and the economic environment both here and throughout Europe has made it significantly more challenging.

Our committee’s challenge is creating really meaningful content so that every MTSO, small and large, will feel it’s critical to their future to attend.

Before we even start talking about the content for the two-day conference itself, we decided this year to address what we felt was the number one issue facing each of us: How do you sell in this environment?

Selling today simply isn’t anything like selling our services even two years ago. Charles Bernard is leading a five-hour hands-on, tactical workshop as a pre-conference offering on how to do exactly that. The workshop is entitled Proven Strategies that Win More Sales. Registering for the conference before Jan. 31 means you get this workshop for FREE. Yes, for free.

So here’s a question for all you MTSOs out there: if this isn’t of interest to you, what is? What should we be including in the conference this year that you don’t see either in the Sales Workshop or in the conference content?

For those of us still here and intending to be here, let’s make this conference into something that will help us move into our future with knock-it-out-of-the-ballpark success! Tell us your ideas.

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