Procrastinate later

How are we individually and collectively doing on our 2016 goals and to-do lists? Mid-April is a good point to check in – we’re 3 months into the 12-month cycle, so plenty of time to assess and perhaps re-adjust goals and expectations. Have we even started to lose those pounds? Have we completed that project which was meant to be done by the end of February?

NEMT CEO Linda Sullivan

As we all likely know, if there’s no deadline, the job may not get done. I believe that. Anything on a to-do list without a concrete deadline will continually fall to the bottom.

So, yes, I believe in having deadlines. I also believe that deadlines can be and sometimes should be moving targets. I have had things on my to-do list that never got done and in nearly all of those cases, it was because it should not have been done.  I’m betting most of us have had a few of those.

On the flip-side of the equation, there are those things without a deadline which are not tasks per se but rather life-changing refinements that unless we pursue them can leave us without the success (however we define it) we are seeking in our life. Catch this TED talk and see if you feel there are some things that aren’t on your list of goals that should be:

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