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Where are we going with mobile apps around healthcare?  Someone remarked to me recently how much of a visionary Steve Jobs was and that while the company is still well run and producing some interesting products, the thrill is gone.  Well, perhaps more around hardware but not so with apps.  Those devices we carry with us all the time have become mobile computers, essentially.  Healthcare providers already have access to many apps that help improve delivery of patient care.  The functionality of our smartphones is increasing exponentially and that includes dictation.

NEMT CEO Linda Sullivan

We used to tell healthcare providers not to dictate on their cell phones.   And, if they are “dialing” into a system, that continues to the best advice.  But now there are apps that let you dictate into your iPhone as opposed to calling into either a landline or an internet connection using VOIP.

NEMT’s new app, called SpeakEZ, allows providers to dictate with a couple of touches and securely send the dictation to the server.  What’s nice about any dictation app is that the quality of the recording is excellent, whereas, as anyone familiar with the dictation process knows, it is not uncommon to have poor voice quality — static, hissing, echoes — due to any number of factors including weather, a cordless phone not being fully charged, or electrical interference, to name a few.

If providers in ambulatory settings are lucky enough to work with a service with which an HL7 interface exists, they’ll have the added functionality of having their schedule right in their iPhone, allowing them with an additional touch to choose the patient, dictate, and send.

It is going to be very exciting to see what’s new and coming to us to help us live healthier and more productive lives.

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