Listen — Do you want to know a secret?

Psst!  Want to know a secret?  Dictation just got a whole lot easier thanks to NEMT’s new product called SpeakEZ™.  SpeakEZ™ allows you to dictate your reports anytime from anywhere using your iPhone.  Open the app, record and send.  It’s that easy.  Best of all, the app is loaded with features to help you process your dictations more efficiently.

Andrew Clarke

  • Your schedule at your fingertips – If you work in a clinic environment, your patient schedule is automatically loaded when you log into the app.  Dictation is as easy as selecting the patient from the list and hitting the record button.
  • Your dictations are secure – You dictate by recording to your phone locally.  When you hit the send button, your dictation is encrypted and securely transmitted to our servers for processing.
  • Enjoy enhanced work flow – SpeakEZ™ allows you to select a work type from a list which, in turn, allows our servers to process those dictations based on expected turn-around-time (TAT).  Additional patient information can be entered manually as well if you so desire.  As you complete each dictation, the app will give you a visual indicator so that you can tell at a glance which dictations have been recorded and sent.
  • Use the product on your terms – You can use SpeakEZ™ whether you use our transcription services or not.
  • Review previously dictated reports – Using your iPhone, you will be able to listen to recordings you have already submitted for processing.  Best of all, you can keep the recordings as long as you wish.

Whether you currently dictate using the phone,  a handheld recorder or  a speechmike, SpeakEZ™ can enhance your productivity.

  • Benefits over handheld recorders
    • No additional equipment to purchase or keep track of
    • No batteries to replace
    • No extra programming needed
    • No more remembering to dock
    • Faster processing since each recording is sent automatically
    • Better work flow because of the ability to send patient / document information
  • Benefits over the phone
    • Dictate from anywhere
    • Improved sound quality
    • No dropped calls
    • No key commands to memorize
    • Select work type from a dropdown list
    • Pause for as long as you want
  • Overall benefits
    • Keep your recordings as long as you like
    • Your schedule at your fingertips, if applicable
    • Enter patient information manually for improved work flow
    • Easy to use interface

What are you waiting for?  Contact for more information and a demonstration of SpeakEZ™ today.

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