ICD10 meets medical transcription

What will ICD10 mean to the medical transcription process?

NEMT CEO Linda Sullivan

This is a question that I ask anyone and everyone in the healthcare field who might have an opinion on it. Assuming those medical transcription companies that are here today are still on the scene on Oct. 1, 2013 (not having been acquired or retired) I believe ICD10 is going to create an increase in the amount of dictated narrative. It makes sense, right?

I’m going to throw some numbers out because I’ve heard a range of so many different ones but I think these are somewhat in the ballpark: ICD9 has approximately 10,000 codes while ICD10 has 120,000 (I’ve heard as low as 90,000 and as high as 150,000).

This required increase in the detail of the description of medical conditions is going to mean that either there will be more dictation or healthcare providers (primarily doctors) will need to spend that much more time pulling down menus and electronically digging through lists – or both.

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One Response to ICD10 meets medical transcription

  1. David Saintsing, RN, MS says:

    This is an interesting topic. Some of the literature from the Canadian transition show the level of anatomy and physiology knowledge that folks on the coder end will need to increase in order to help interpret the data/documentation by providers who obviously have had a great deal of training in that area.

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