Networking: A 15 minute call could save you …

This past week I had the pleasure of attending AHIMA’s Security and Privacy Institute.  I spent two days listening to amazing speakers talk about different areas of HIPAA and security in regard to protecting PHI.

NEMT President Linda Allard

A side benefit, and one that I had really forgotten about, was the networking that came out of attending this meeting. I sat at a table with five other people from different areas in health information.  We had wonderful discussions, and I learned about the different roles people have and what each entails. There were also group discussions involving everyone in the room where I learned even more.

These days, with the Internet being so available and everyone trying to keep costs down, it’s easy to forget the benefits of networking.  We can now take our CEC classes online and never need to speak with anyone. We are incredibly lucky to have all of these tools available to us so that we can continue our learning while saving both time and money.

After this meeting, however, I decided that I wanted to make networking more a part of my life.  I know that costs need to be kept down so I can’t attend a meeting every month.  What I can do is start having more phone conversations with others in my field to continue to understand different roles and how our field is continuing to change.  To make this happen, I have written on my next week’s “To Do” list a task to make a phone call totally unrelated to NEMT business to discuss something different in the HIM world. My plan is to do this each week to build up my networking and really understand the world outside of NEMT as it relates to health information management.

Wouldn’t it be great if a short 15 minute call could help to keep us connected with each other? There is no cost except the 15 minutes. I’m going to try it. How about you?

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About Linda Allard

Linda Allard is the president of NEMT.
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