The phishing expedition – don’t get hooked

While recently reading the cover story of the August issue of “For The Record” entitled “A Phish Story,” I received emails through LinkedIn from two leaders in the business of healthcare.

NEMT CEO Linda Sullivan

The story dovetailed with my own phishing experience. Each email suggested it might be mutually beneficial to discuss a possible business opportunity. I was pleasantly surprised and wanted to immediately follow up. The LinkedIn email included a link purportedly to a document of interest in Dropbox. Both emails were “out of the blue” as I hadn’t had contact with either individual for quite some time.

I believe I am hyper vigilant about “sussing out” bogus emails. I’ve never been tempted to send a small amount of money anywhere in order to receive a larger amount in return. Or then there are the ones that look like they’re from a company that looks like it does business with NEMT and I’m instructed to open the document, which is an invoice for services. And so on, but I did click on the link in the first LinkedIn email I received.

It was when I received a second very similar sort of message that I realized I’d been had. Because I associate positive interactions with both LinkedIn and Dropbox I was very effectively deceived.

The good news is that Microsoft Security on my Desktop picked it up and “cleaned” my computer. However, I immediately contacted our IT department who verified that it was a phishing expedition and that it was successfully eliminated.

The experience pointed up the fact that newly implemented security features throughout NEMT systems were well advised. The cyber attacks are becoming more sophisticated and as “A Phish Story” suggests it’s the human factor that may be the easiest point of entry.

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