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I was recently having a conversation with a doctor that I know. We don’t do business together, but he was sharing that they were using a new EMR. During the discussion he brought up some of the concerns he had about this transition.

NEMT President Linda Allard

In his case there were two major issues. Issue 1 was that not all patient records had transferred over so they were being forced to move a lot of records manually, and he wasn’t sure when they would all be moved. Issue 2 was the need for more training so they could all use the EMR successfully.

I wanted to write about this topic to remind everyone that when you are changing a vendor, software, hardware or anything in between, you need to make sure you get all the information needed to make an informed decision before proceeding. Included items should be things like:

  • Will the new software run on your current computers?
  • Will all your patient records be transferred over to the new system?
  • What kind of after-sale support will be provided?


Although these seem like questions we should all think of, it is very easy to miss some of the really important areas with all the new technology out there.  Not answering a few critical questions could cost you a lot of additional time and/or resources. And while it is most likely that, if the software doesn’t run on your current computers, they are probably old enough to already need to be replaced, wouldn’t it be better to budget ahead for that expense?

You should also make sure that part of your project plan for this type of project includes listing all the changes that might possibly be made. Enlist the support of all the different areas in your facility to help create a list of possible concerns, and then go over that list with your vendor.  As a vendor, we get asked these types of questions all the time, so we are prepared to provide the necessary answers.  And honestly, if a vendor doesn’t want to give you answers, that might be a red flag.

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About Linda Allard

Linda Allard is the president of NEMT.
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