Save money on your next computer

At some point, you will need to buy a new computer.  Hopefully it won’t be because your old computer died.  Today’s blog is a suggestion about how you can get a new computer for less.

Andrew Clarke

I recently purchased a new laptop because my computer died, and I needed to be back up and running fast.  I checked Best Buy, and they had pretty good prices.  That’s when I remembered something called “open box” items.  These are items that have been returned for any number of reasons.  Normally the return is because the purchaser just decided that he or she didn’t like the computer.  All returns are thoroughly checked and returned to factory condition, so you’re not getting an inferior product.  The beauty of buying an open box item is that it comes with the same warranties you get with a new computer, you have the same return policy, and you save a minimum of 10%.  I was able to get a very nice laptop for about $200.  A few times a year, Best Buy has a special event where they offer these open box items for even less.  If you’re nice, the people at Best Buy may tell you when their next event is going to occur.

It is possible that other retail stores offer similar deals, so check around in your local area.  You should also make sure you check around for pricing, including on-line.  If you have a smart phone, there’s a free app called RedLaser that will help you find other sources for the product you’re looking at, including on-line.  Some stores offer price matching, so don’t be afraid to ask.  With this app, you can show them the pricing from other sources.

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