Make security a resolution

Since I have the honor of writing the first blog of the year, I get to say Happy New Year.

The beginning of a new year is a really interesting time. Many of us are ready to start fresh and make big changes. For example, if you belong to a gym you know that at the beginning of January when you go it will be super crowded.

NEMT President Linda Allard

Adopting that mindset with your HIPAA planning can be a good thing. Since there are so many things we can do to evaluate our HIPAA program, setting up a regular time to perform this task is very important. In my case, I make time every January.

Did you have your security audit last year and have areas to improve on? Now is the time to go through the audit to see if you made the changes and determine if the required results were achieved. It is also a good time to plan your HIPAA education for 2015. Lay out a plan for how you are going to provide continuing education to your team, and get it on your calendar so it won’t be overlooked.

How about a review of your personnel files to make sure you are following your policies in regard to new employee HIPAA training? At the same time you can review your exit strategy and make sure that it is being followed as well. Creating a time on your calendar to do this will ensure that you continue to follow your own policies.

I know that in January I’m going to look at my audit and create a list of items that I want to check on. I’m also going to see if they can be done better and more efficiently. Once I have the list, I can decide how long each task will take and who the best person is to perform the task. In many cases it will be me so putting it on my schedule will insure that in 2015 I am maintaining my current HIPAA programs as well as instituting new items that will benefit both NEMT and our clients.

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About Linda Allard

Linda Allard is the president of NEMT.
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