Obamacare – the numbers don’t work

We have recently completed the process of choosing health insurance for 2015. I just finished up working with NEMT’s insurance agent – talk about painful. A three-hour meeting, a two-hour meeting and several long and sometimes contentious phone calls . . . because it is so complicated, not terribly clear, and more and more expensive.

NEMT CEO Linda Sullivan

Why? The inflation rate is low, we know doctors aren’t making any more than they did last year, medical facilities charge what the government and insurance companies allow them to charge. Individuals are getting less coverage than they ever have and are required to pay larger co-pays.

There are many more insured today through the Affordable Care Act. In Maine alone, 39,000 people who previously were uninsured now have coverage. A very high percentage of them are receiving a subsidy. That is concerning because it is a huge outflow of cash from a government that is already running a stunning debt, which at the time I write this, is $18, 021,044,683,000.00. That is an incomprehensible number and it is expected to rise significantly in 2015.

My question is while the subsidies from one standpoint make sense to get people insured, it does not seem to be a long-term sustainable equation, regardless of the penalties folks will pay if they are uninsured beginning in 2015. The numbers don’t work.

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