Healthcare poll tracks with Obama approval

In case you missed it, a Gallup poll hit earlier this month that concludes the majority of Americans say that it’s not the federal government’s job to ensure all Americans have healthcare coverage.

Tara Courtland

Communications Director Tara Courtland

It’s an interesting shift from 2006, when the majority of Americans said exactly the opposite. The flip seems largely based on President Obama and the politics of Obamacare.

In 2006, before Barack Obama hit the national scene, 69 percent of Americans surveyed said the government was responsible for ensuring healthcare coverage for everyone. But Obama has been a divisive figure and the Affordable Healthcare Act even more so. In 2006, the question was philosophical but not polarizing. After six years of President Obama, the Tea Party and “Obamacare,” the question isn’t so much “Should the government ensure healthcare coverage” but “Which side are you on?”

If you like the president, the answer is yes. If you don’t like the president, the answer is no. On Nov. 23, 51 percent of Americans dissapproved of the president so it’s no surprise that 52 percent say it’s not the government’s job to provide healthcare coverage.

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About Tara Courtland

Tara Courtland is the communications director at NEMT.
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