It said what????

Most of us work with our computer every day. As a result, we start doing things on autopilot. While this ability is helpful in getting work done quickly and efficiently, it can work against us if we stop paying attention. Here are some suggestions to help maintain your sanity as well as keep sensitive data safe.

Andrew Clarke


1. Read the error message.

If you are logging in, and you get an error message, make sure you entered the correct username and password for the program in question. That might sound simple, but I have had many users ask for a password reset only to find that they were entering the username and password for program A in program B.


2. Don’t end up with unwanted programs.

When installing programs, sometimes you are prompted to install other software at the same time. Uncheck any boxes that don’t apply to what you want and / or click “cancel” for items you don’t want to avoid unwanted tool bars, search programs, etc. The bottom line is to only get what you want and not fall for slick installation marketing. They know most people just click yes and OK during installation without paying attention to what’s on the screen.


3. Pay attention when something happens unexpectedly.

If you work with a program every day, pay attention to screens that show up unexpectedly. These screens could be an indication of a problem that needs to be reported. Not paying attention at this point can lead to bad results such as loss of data. Weird messages could also be an indication of viral activity, so report any such occurrences immediately.


4. When in doubt, stop!

If you’re not sure if something that comes up is a problem, stop and ask. Never assume. You don’t want to be the one who accidentally sent PHI to the local news channel.

Pay attention. Take your time. Read the screen. Stop when in doubt, and ask for help.

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One Response to It said what????

  1. Betsy Ertel says:

    Another great article written by Mr. Andrew, i.e. pay attention. Thanks, Andrew, for making us stop and think….and pay attention!

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