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I love watching movies on my iPad, but I don’t buy movies online to do it. Why should I when I already own the DVD? This blog article will discuss a ways you can use your tablet to watch movies you already own. While I am certain there are free ways to convert your existing videos, I’m going to talk about two products that I have used for years that do an excellent job. Both are low cost.

Andrew Clarke


• Cucusoft []

Cucusoft has been around since 2005. They offer a variety of conversion programs. I own the DVD Ripper + Video Converter Ultimate Suite, which converts not only DVDs but other video types as well, but there are other products available that only do the DVD conversion.

The Ultimate Suite sells for $59.95 right now (on sale from $79.95). The iPad Suite is on sale for $39.95.


• AVS4You []

AVS4You is like owning a Swiss Army Knife of conversion tools.

When you buy one tool, you automatically get a license to use them all. That means you can convert audio, video, produce DVD’s, produce other video types, mix your own music and much much more.

Even though the website shows a special price, it hasn’t changed in years. That doesn’t mean it won’t though.

A one-year subscription is $39, but an unlimited subscription is only $59. Hmmm … which to get … : )

Both of these products offer a trial version so you can try it before you buy it. If you love to watch movies on the go, but you don’t want to pay to download them, give one or both a try. And let me know how you like them.

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