The power of positive listening

I’ve been reading many things over the last couple of years about how to retrain our brains to be more positive. My inbox recently included a blog article from the Harvard Business School on just that topic.

NEMT CEO Linda Sullivan

I was unaware of the chemical reactions in our brains when either a negative or a positive conversation occurs. The focus of the article is about how bosses deal with their team but clearly it applies in any conversational context.

What can we each do to improve our interaction with others? The first, most obvious, and most often cited is to become a better listener.

Second, are we open-minded enough? It’s easy when you’re the boss to fall into the habit of asking for ideas but not really listening carefully and accepting them. If you’re a boss, have you ever noticed that the people who work for you always laugh at your jokes? Regardless, I don’t believe I have a bright future as a comedian. Bottom line, anything that has a positive tone instead of negative benefits us all.

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One Response to The power of positive listening

  1. Hong says:

    This is an interesting topic. Some of the lttareiure from the Canadian transition show the level of anatomy and physiology knowledge that folks on the coder end will need to increase in order to help interpret the data/documentation by providers who obviously have had a great deal of training in that area.

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