AHDI names Integrity Award nominees

In case you missed it, the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI) has announced the nominees for its 2014 Integrity Awards.

Tara Courtland

Communications Director Tara Courtland

We at NEMT are especially pleased because our president, Linda Allard, is up for 2014 Advocate of the Year. ** She joins a number of other exceptional healthcare documentation specialists being honored by AHDI as this year’s nominees in several categories.

This year, AHDI is doing something different — opening its Integrity Awards for voting by members. Nominees were chosen for each category and AHDI members were invited to chose the most deserving candidate. The winners will be announced at the 36th annual Healthcare Documentation Integrity Conference in Las Vegas on July 24.


The nominees are:

Advocate of the Year

This award serves to recognize an individual for outstanding advocacy activities related to advancement of the healthcare documentation profession.

2014 Nominee:

Linda Allard, CHPS, of Henrico, VA

Linda Allard’s passion and goal has always been to help create job opportunities for others and to ensure that those jobs are fair and beneficial to workers. Linda has been a supporter of the industry since 1987. She has contributed to many advocacy-related projects, including lobbying Congress on behalf of the industry, teaching, participating on an Advisory Board, presenting credit-worthy continuing education sessions, publishing papers and other works on HIPAA, initiating a voice recognition training program for students, and creating an externship program for clinical documentation students. Linda supports credentialing and provides a reimbursement to all of NEMT personnel for obtaining their CMT/CHDS credential.


Educator of the Year

This award serves to recognize an Individual Professional member who has demonstrated excellence in the area of medical transcription education, either as an educational program instructor/coordinator, as a contributor to AHDI educational programs/initiatives, or as a trainer/instructor of online or on-site continuing education programs for AHDI members and/or the industry.


2014 Nominee:

Audrey Kirchner, CHDS, of Prineville, OR, instructor for 360training.com

Audrey is currently a full-time instructor for 360training.com. In Audrey’s current position she wrote syllabi and study guides for all courses. Audrey developed a mentoring internship for students where she worked with MTSO companies to review QA manuals and train students on account specifics. Audrey has created extracurricular puzzles, quizzes, and study documents and uses different techniques such as mind mapping strategies to assist students with different learning styles. Audrey has created instructional presentations and delivered webinars and she is willing to share her expertise with other instructors. Audrey is a lifelong learner who is constantly researching to stay up-to-date with the ever changing industry. She is currently volunteering for many AHDI committees and alliances, and she is a Commissioner on the Credentialing Commission for Healthcare Documentation. As part of her volunteer work for AHDI, Audrey assisted with the development of the RHDS Recredentialing Course and the CHDS Bridge Course.


Employer of the Year

This award serves to recognize a corporate or individual professional member who employs healthcare documentation specialists (medical transcriptionists, medical editors, speech recognition editors, and quality assurance specialists), for outstanding commitment to the professional development of our workforce.


2014 Nominees:

Amphion Medical Solutions, LLC, of Madison, WI

Amphion Medical Solutions provides their employees a monetary incentive to use toward AHDI membership, continuing education, or recertification fees. Amphion supplies employees with the reference tool Benchmark KB, which includes Associate membership in AHDI.


Opti-Script, Inc., of Kemersville, NC

Opti-Script promotes AHDI membership and supports providing continuing education and professional development opportunities for employees. Opti-Script provides service training to keep employees up-to-date on technology trends and the EHR. Opti-Script has a formal quality assurance program, provides feedback, and promotes the AHDI Book of Style to address quality and accuracy.


Excellence in Credentialing

This award serves to recognize a credentialed professional who has demonstrated a unique and measurable contribution to the industry through promotion of professional credentialing through either sustained, long-term support or through a unique, high-impact contribution made to the credentialing program/process during the calendar year prior to nomination.


2014 Nominee:

Audrey Kirchner, CHDS, of Prineville, OR, instructor for 360training.com

Audrey has a passion for credentialing. She is currently serving on the Credentialing Commission for Healthcare Documentation and as the leader of R.O.P.E. (Recredentialing Outreach Program and Exchange) for AHDI-West, where she is working with a team of members to facilitate recredentialing, audit support, and promoting the bridge courses. Audrey has contributed to the recruiting credit-worthy speakers for the 2014 AHDI Healthcare Documentation Integrity Conference. Furthermore, Audrey is an advocate for credentialing—she promotes the benefits of credentialing to the industry and she continues to look for ways to help credentialed individuals find quality continuing education opportunities.



Membership Impact Award

This award serves to recognize an AHDI component organization that has engaged in unique initiatives and activities deemed to have had a measurable impact on component growth, retention, and/or professional development of its members.


2014 Nominee:

AHDI West Regional – President Sandy Shumaker, CMT, AHDI-F

AHDI-West uses our volunteer-based time and resources to engage our members whenever and wherever we can. AHDI-West hosted the first annual District 1 reception at ACE 2011 and has participated successfully in this event in 2012 and 2013. The AHDI-West Board of Governors has participated in ACE Program Planning Committees for 2011 and 2012, and will be hosting the Healthcare Documentation Integrity Conference in 2014, in Las Vegas, Nevada.



Member of the Year Award

This award serves to recognize an individual for outstanding contribution to the AHDI through relevant service and activities that have advanced the mission, goals, and objectives of the Association.


2014 Nominees:

Kathleen “Kat” King, AHDI-F of Rogue River, OR (Component affiliation: AHDI West Regional)

Kat has served on many committees, task forces, and alliances over the last 7 years at the AHDI national level and with AHDI-West at the component level. Kat has served in executive leadership roles which include AHDI-West Co-Founder and Executive Board of Governors, AHDI-Oregon President/Delegate to the House of Delegates, and the Oregon AAMT Board of Directors.


Judy Lichtenberger, RHIT, CMT, AHDI-F, of Bethlehem, PA (Component affiliation: AHDI-NEMA Regional)

Judy has served as AHDI-NEMA’s President since 2012. Judy demonstrates her leadership skills by helping AHDI-NEMA move forward. She led the AHDI-NEMA 2013 Annual Meeting, and continues to be creative by looking for alternative solutions to bring value to the members of AHDI-NEMA. During times of decreased enrollment, Judy showed empathy towards her volunteer’s time and is appreciative of the efforts of her team and how she can help them meet needs with their volunteer time.


Rising Star Award

In honor of educator Marilyn Craddock, this award serves to recognize an outstanding industry student for a contemplative and informed response to the Association’s annual essay contest. Each year, staff and leadership determine an essay topic which is relevant and timely to the state of the industry.


2014 Nominees:

  • Angelika Harvey of Kelowna, BC – Attending CanScribe Career College
  • Connie Armstrong of Melita, MB – Attending CanScribe Career College
  • Donna Kowalchuk of Ardrossan, AB – Attending CanScribe Career College
  • Linda Mevissen of St. Catharines, ON – Attending CanScribe Career College
  • Linda Curia of West Valley City, UT– Attending 360training.com
  • Samantha Michaels of Kelowna, BC – Attending CanScribe Career College
  • Tiffany Brown of Peachland, BC – Attending CanScribe Career College
  • Wendy Onions of Kingston, ON – Attending CanScribe Career College


** NEMT won the 2012 Employer of the Year Award and the 2013 Technology Innovator of the Year Award.

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