Welcome to “Word for Word!”

Hello and welcome to Word For Word, the official blog of New England Medical Transcription (We prefer “NEMT“). Here you’ll find weekly updates on healthcare information, trends and valuable information to help you learn to count transcription lines, meet meaningful use guidelines and stay on top of HIPAA regulations.

And because we’re a fun and interesting crowd, we’ll also keep you entertained with our personal stories about adventures in travel, about working from home, and about working in the healthcare information industry. We may even throw in cute pictures of puppies and kittens from time to time, just to be sure you’re paying attention. NEMT

Who are we? We’re NEMT — one of the nation’s largest all-domestic (that means we don’t offshore our work) medical transcription companies. We’re based in Woolwich, Maine, but our 240-person workforce is spread across the country — some of them even live in places that don’t get three feet of snow at a time.

We focus exclusively on medical transcription with guaranteed turnaround times and accuracy. For those of you outside the business, turnaround time (TAT for short — we’re medical transcriptionists; we like to keep everything short) means how long it takes from the time a doctor dictates a report to the time we transcribe it and send it back. Accuracy means how often did we spell every word exactly right with all of the capital letters just as each specific doctor wants them.

98 percent is considered a good rate for accuracy and it’s also a good rate for getting your reports turned in on time. We were at 99.04 percent accuracy and 99.43 percent turnaround time for 2011 and we’re very proud of that so we say it A LOT.

But we’re not going to say it a lot here. On this blog, we’re going to focus on healthcare information and articles that HIM directors (that’s health information management directors), CEOs, CFOs, CIOs and CXOs (did I mention we like acronyms a lot?), doctors, nurses, patients and transcriptionists will find useful. We hope everyone else will enjoy it as well – we’ll put in extra puppies and kittens just to be sure.

So please subscribe to our blog or keep checking back each week for new posts and information.

Thanks for reading, and welcome to Word For Word.

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About Tara Courtland

Tara Courtland is the communications director at NEMT.
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