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No surprise – Healthcare costs climb

Bad news that comes as no surprise is still bad news. The annual Milliman Medical Index report came out last week with numbers on the rising cost of healthcare, and the results are depressing, if not exactly shocking. In 2015, … Continue reading

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Stop the Windows 10 madness

Microsoft has become extremely aggressive when it comes to distributing Windows 10.  I have recently received reports from several users stating that Windows 10 is attempting to install itself as part of regular updates, and stopping the process is becoming … Continue reading

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Auditing as a management tool

As part of our HIPAA requirements, we must do a security assessment of our systems and procedures. Audits are part of that security assessment and part of our requirements under HIPAA, but have you ever thought about using the audits … Continue reading

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Windows 10 security modifications revisited

Last year, I told you to be careful if you upgraded to Windows 10 as far as HIPAA goes.  Recently, I’ve had a few users who purchased new computers that came with Windows 10, and they forgot about the needed … Continue reading

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Middle-aged drug deals: the search for antibiotics

Over the last few years, as I’ve approached 40, I’ve noticed a lot of “middle-aged drug dealing” in my extended social circle. I started paying attention after an acquaintance posted on Facebook, asking if anyone had any old antibiotics in … Continue reading

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