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‘Skype on steroids:’ iPads battle healthcare costs

I recently attended a healthcare summit near Washington, D.C. that included a segment on telehealth. The use of iPads and other tablets in healthcare has been a growing trend and all over the country, hospitals and agencies have been experimenting … Continue reading

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Interoperability – easier said than done

Interoperability, one of the key themes at HIMSS in April, is the next frontier for healthcare organizations once the ICD-10 hurdle is vaulted. That’s easier said than done. NEMT had a recent experience of attempting to disconnect a series of … Continue reading

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Protect your computer — from your family

With the summer in full swing and summer holidays here, I started thinking about those of you who work from home. These days, most facilities either have work-at-home staff or have given staff members the ability to do so. It … Continue reading

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Don’t curse the darkness

I was recently made aware of an email that’s going around warning people that their free flashlight app is stealing their personal data (banking information, photos, videos, etc) and sending it to cybercriminals in India, China, and Russia.  I found … Continue reading

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