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What is DNS and why do I care?

DNS stands for Domain Name Server.  These servers make it possible for you to navigate the internet using words like instead of IP addresses like  If you type those numbers into your browser, they will take you to … Continue reading

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Happy holidays!

Happy holidays from all of us at NEMT to all of our readers. Thank you for a prosperous 2014 and we wish you all the best in the coming year.

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Obamacare – the numbers don’t work

We have recently completed the process of choosing health insurance for 2015. I just finished up working with NEMT’s insurance agent – talk about painful. A three-hour meeting, a two-hour meeting and several long and sometimes contentious phone calls . … Continue reading

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Social media and medical records

As part of our companies training we have an annual “recertification” of HIPAA for all team members. I, along with all team members, go through this course. I sat down to take my course last week and noticed that a … Continue reading

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My computer is down, and it won’t come up!

In the old days, when you bought a computer it came with a set of disks that you could use to reinstall Windows completely.  Unfortunately those who were less than honest used these disks to install Windows on lots of … Continue reading

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