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Healthcare poll tracks with Obama approval

In case you missed it, a Gallup poll hit earlier this month that concludes the majority of Americans say that it’s not the federal government’s job to ensure all Americans have healthcare coverage. It’s an interesting shift from 2006, when … Continue reading

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Ebola highlights ICD-9 problems

How fortunate are we here in the United States that the Ebola virus has not taken hold? Whether it be due to the response of our healthcare system or blind luck, likely some of both, we have avoided what could … Continue reading

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Headphones: A forgotten tool for compliance

NEMT is very lucky to have a wonderful internal newsletter. I use this newsletter as part of my HIPAA compliance for education. We do a formal education with each team member and then we supplement with relevant HIPAA-related educational articles. … Continue reading

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Where’s my computer?

While this information will prove to be more useful for Windows 8 users, it is also relevant to those using Windows 7. There are times when you need to access files directly on your computer.  Windows XP called it My … Continue reading

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