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Ebola — Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool …

In case you missed it, there’s been a disturbing development in the ongoing U.S. Ebola saga. This time, it’s not the spread of the disease, it’s the spread of misinformation. Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan was initially evaluated, misdiagnosed and … Continue reading

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Getting connected — by federal mandate?

Will it take yet another government mandate for connectivity between hospitals to occur? An interesting article in the “New York Times” entitled “Doctors find barriers to sharing digital medical records” succinctly describes the problem that still persists in the evolution … Continue reading

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What about when they leave?

There is a lot of focus when we bring an employee on board. We make sure we have all the HR done correctly and we follow our HIPAA guidelines. New team members are set up in all the systems and … Continue reading

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It said what????

Most of us work with our computer every day. As a result, we start doing things on autopilot. While this ability is helpful in getting work done quickly and efficiently, it can work against us if we stop paying attention. … Continue reading

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