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Is your team really following your security rules?

One of our customers recently had a distribution issue on their local server and we needed to log into their system via VPN so we could help. In order to do so, we had to change our VPN password since … Continue reading

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The power of positive listening

I’ve been reading many things over the last couple of years about how to retrain our brains to be more positive. My inbox recently included a blog article from the Harvard Business School on just that topic. I was unaware … Continue reading

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Understanding Windows 8 security

Unlike its predecessor, Windows 8 comes with antivirus / antispyware software preinstalled.  The program is called Windows Defender. It replaces Microsoft Security Essentials, Microsoft’s free antivirus solution for its other operating systems.  Microsoft Security Essentials cannot be installed on Windows … Continue reading

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AHDI names Integrity Award nominees

In case you missed it, the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI) has announced the nominees for its 2014 Integrity Awards. We at NEMT are especially pleased because our president, Linda Allard, is up for 2014 Advocate of the Year. … Continue reading

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