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Get a secret identity — free

I don’t know about you, but I get tons of spam every day. For that reason, I’m leery of giving my email address to any site online. It’s easy enough to create a fake address that you use for those … Continue reading

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Laughter: the anti-medicine

In case you missed it, the British Journal of Medicine recently had a downright depressing study about laughter. The conclusion? Far from being the best medicine, laughter will actually kill you. Well, it’s not likely to kill you (it could, … Continue reading

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Scrambled and fried – this is your brain on the Internet

What is happening to our brains? There is much being written on how the digital revolution is changing our brains. I began meditating about a year and-a-half ago and upped the ante by becoming acquainted with Buddhist meditation practices. One … Continue reading

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HIPAA at home – toss out that sticky note!

We all know HIPAA very well. We work hard to follow the rules and make sure our facilities follow the rules. HIPAA uses the words “best practices” often, which is something that we all strive for, but in this day … Continue reading

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An apple a day is good enough

I mentioned recently that a member of my household is enrolled in a concierge physician practice. It’s not me. Most of my own healthcare treatments follow a specific pattern, which played out again last night at a get-together: During a … Continue reading

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