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Odds and ends and unsolicited advice

Apple just released IOS 7 and users couldn’t wait to download it. Many experienced long download times due to the overwhelming demand. Some people had to erase lots of data from their devices just to download the update due to … Continue reading

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Where have all the ITs gone?

Two articles in the August issue of “For The Record” are at an interesting juxtaposition. One is entitled “Hospitals Build Their Own HIT to Meet Needs” and the other is “Staffing Shortages Plague HIT.” As you would guess, the first … Continue reading

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The hunt for health insurance

Over the last few years, I’ve noticed that health insurance has become the gold standard in jobs. In the 30ish crowd I run in, “What does it pay?” is not the first question one asks about a new opportunity. “Does … Continue reading

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New computer tips – part two

In my last blog posting, I discussed Windows 7 File Recovery in Windows 8, which is basically a way to back up and restore your computer. This posting will discuss the other Windows 8 recovery option, which uses a USB … Continue reading

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Diagnosis: Obamacare burden; Prescription: dictation

A recent article in the “Valley News” entitled “Untangling ‘Obamacare’: With Four Weeks to Go, Questions About the Affordable Care Act Abound” gives an excellent overview of what businesses, healthcare facilities, and individuals can expect as the act’s next phase … Continue reading

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