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HIPAA – Taking a ride in the Omnibus

Most of us who work in healthcare knew that a final rule for HIPAA would happen this year. In January, the Omnibus Rule was posted and it became effective on March 26, 2013. The good news is that we have … Continue reading

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Fire! Fire! Firewall!

This blog article is about firewalls. In the real world, a firewall is a barrier used to prevent the spread of fire or some other destructive force. In computers, a firewall is software or hardware that’s designed to keep the … Continue reading

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Weighing cost versus risk with no health insurance

I recently joined a group of runners in my area. We’re essentially strangers who get to know each other a little bit every Sunday as we jog through the city. A few weeks ago while we were running, one guy … Continue reading

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Meaningful Use Stage 2 – Transcription in the crystal ball

Do you remember the big crystal ball in the original Wizard of Oz?  As a kid I remember daydreaming about what I could foresee if I possessed the magical ball. I haven’t seen “Oz: The Great and Powerful” yet but … Continue reading

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Changing roles in healthcare

This month’s issue of “For The Record” has an interesting article about the changing roles within the Health Information Management (HIM) world. While it varies from facility to facility, there’s no question roles are changing. The first change I noticed … Continue reading

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