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Patient engagement is key

Reading the headline “Patient Engagement Key to Better Health: AHRQ Report” prompted my internal response of ‘uh, yeah.’ Having just suffered a double retinal tear (now successfully repaired) I can tell you that without my pushing really hard to find … Continue reading

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‘Minimum necessary’ — sometimes it’s a good thing

When talking about HIPAA and protected health information (PHI) the phrase “minimum necessary” is used quite often. But what does that really mean and how do we ensure that is what we are doing? “Minimum necessary” when referring to HIPAA’s … Continue reading

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EHRs in the State of the Union

I’m a political junkie so I look forward to the State of the Union address as much as Christmas. Working in the healthcare industry, I’m particularly interested in what the president will say about healthcare and electronic health records. The … Continue reading

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MU Stage 3??? But I’m not ready for Stage 2 yet!

Healthcare providers and facilities are deep into figuring out how to meet the Meaningful Use Stage 2 criteria. Meanwhile, criteria for Meaningful Use Stage 3 are being considered. Wasn’t one of the primary goals of EMR/EHR adoption to allow patients … Continue reading

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