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Hey, it’s me! Over here — the patient!

In general I’m a healthy person. Despite my love for sweets, I eat well and exercise regularly. But I get sick occasionally like everyone else. Typically I’ll pick up a cold in late fall and summer. Almost immediately the fluids … Continue reading

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Patch the Java security hole

Last week I sent an email to everyone at NEMT informing them about a security flaw that had been discovered in Java that required them to either update to the latest version (Version 7 Update 11) or disable Java entirely. … Continue reading

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With HIPAA, it’s document, document and then document some more

In every class I have taken regarding HIPAA and in most of the books I have read, there is at least one reference to the documentation of HIPAA. There is also a lot of discussion about how we should document … Continue reading

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By the numbers: January is ‘transparency month’

We’re in the middle of “transparency month” here at NEMT because each January, we compile and publish statistics about our performance over the last year. Some of these statistics are easy: how many new people did we hire? How many … Continue reading

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