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Stop fighting the AMA on Meaningful Use

It’s hard to believe that just three years ago or so the phrase “Meaningful Use” meant something entirely different than what we in the medical world now understand it to be (that is, if you truly and completely do understand … Continue reading

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Operator please connect me: the telephone game in business projects

Remember the telephone game? This week I listened to a story of broken communication that reminded me of the telephone game. Remember the one where someone thinks of a phrase and then they whisper it in the next person’s ear? … Continue reading

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Accuracy – at what cost?

The accurate capture of the physician’s encounter with a patient is a critical component in the delivery of excellent healthcare. Whether written electronically or by hand, the transcribed report is a permanent record for the current and future evaluation of … Continue reading

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Just call my name, and I’ll be there

Have you ever found yourself away from home when you needed a file from your computer? Does your mother call you because she needs help booking a flight for your nephew? Would it just be cool to look in on … Continue reading

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Bad attitudes: healthcare reform and the $12 aspirin

In all of the back-and-forth armchair quarterbacking about last week’s healthcare ruling I have yet to see anyone mention the attitude problem: Americans are unreasonable in our demands on the healthcare system. The real problem isn’t a government stalemate or … Continue reading

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