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Why I love my job

I don’t know how many people really do love their jobs but I happen to be lucky enough to be one of them. In spite of this incredibly challenging environment MT companies are trying to survive in, I still can’t … Continue reading

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Let’s not forget the patient

Recently I had the unfortunate experience of spending approximately 3 months between a hospital and a rehabilitation facility. I spent two weeks in ICU and a week in the CCU with my husband who was critically ill. This particular hospital … Continue reading

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We’re eliminating transcription

Participating in healthcare related conferences and talking with prospective clients, I hear many people say that they are eliminating transcription.  They point to their electronic medical record, front end speech and other means to reduce transcription and the associated cost, … Continue reading

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I got shot yesterday!

I got shot yesterday! I’m speaking about photography, of course. There was a time when getting really good pictures required a 35mm camera, a lot of experience and a lot of money. Today you can get great shots with your … Continue reading

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