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ICD-10 meets medical transcription

What will ICD-10 mean to the medical transcription process? Assuming those medical transcription companies that are here today are still on the scene on Oct. 1, 2013, not having been acquired or retired, (and there certainly are fewer and fewer … Continue reading

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Tolerating poor performance: There’s got to be a better way

True confession: I am not a seasoned veteran of health care. I have a mixed professional background in operations, finance, marketing and sales from three distinctly different industries. This varied background gives me a fresh vantage point when reviewing health … Continue reading

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Project Management 101: What do I need to document?

Although most of us live in a world where we have everything in writing (thanks to our email inboxes), it is easy to forget to document our projects. We are asked to take on a project by either a client … Continue reading

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Would you like some data with that?

I was driving on my road Saturday morning, and some kids tried to get me to go to a yard sale across the street from their house. They were jumping up and down with signs … the only way to … Continue reading

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