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Why no mention of EHRs in the State of the Union?

I’m always interested in hearing what a president’s State of the Union wish list is going to include. If you get one big shot to name everything you want to accomplish in the next year, what would you say? Cure … Continue reading

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When was the last time you read your contract?

When was the last time you reviewed the details of the contracts your department is responsible for? Are you intimately familiar with the fine print and the subtle statements that may have significant financial implications? In many of my conversations … Continue reading

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Every challenge is an opportunity

One of the challenges in my world these days is this: I’m chairman of the 2012 Annual Conference Committee for the Clinical Documentation Industry Association. That is, I am organizing the CDIA national conference. An opportunity? Definitely. A challenge? Wow! … Continue reading

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Speech rec or voice rec?

Is there a difference between speech recognition and voice recognition? During a recent meeting, the topic of speech (or voice) recognition came up and it became instantly clear that four different transcription professionals had five different definitions to distinguish the … Continue reading

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Project management: What is the goal of your project?

Do you have a clearly defined project? Are you sure who your customer is? Have you shared this project and its goals with your team, your organization and the customer? Do you know all the people or team members who … Continue reading

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