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Twenty-one, Thirty-four! Hike! Hike! Hike!

Your project has been approved, and everyone is looking at you to get things started. It’s time to jump in and get going. There is just one problem: how do you get everyone on the same page? In football there … Continue reading

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Why doesn’t anyone listen to me?

We are often given the assignment to manage a project and find ourselves struggling to keep our team moving forward. In large organizations we can often find ourselves needing the help of people we have no authority over. Worse, we … Continue reading

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Operator please connect me: the telephone game in business projects

Remember the telephone game? This week I listened to a story of broken communication that reminded me of the telephone game. Remember the one where someone thinks of a phrase and then they whisper it in the next person’s ear? … Continue reading

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Accuracy – at what cost?

The accurate capture of the physician’s encounter with a patient is a critical component in the delivery of excellent healthcare. Whether written electronically or by hand, the transcribed report is a permanent record for the current and future evaluation of … Continue reading

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You mean my project should have a schedule?

We all know how important a schedule can be, but often we don’t create a true schedule for our long term projects.  This means there are no actual dates when tasks are due.  We rely on memory and hope it … Continue reading

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