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There’s more than one way to hack

A recent article in Healthcare IT Newsdiscusses “Visual hacking” – not something we perhaps are as conscious of as we should be. For example, someone is standing near your desk and not even facing your computer but how easy is … Continue reading

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What does HIPAA look like on the hospital floor?

I recently spent quite a bit of time on a med-surg floor and was shocked to hear medical staff discussing patients by name while standing in the hallway. Contrast this with the hyper vigilance which is brought to bear by … Continue reading

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Study shows alarming error rate in EHR documentation

I recently read some interesting statistics about the completeness and veracity of paper medical records compared to data entered into EHRs. A study was recently published in the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association about retrospective research done on 500 … Continue reading

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Procrastinate later

How are we individually and collectively doing on our 2016 goals and to-do lists? Mid-April is a good point to check in – we’re 3 months into the 12-month cycle, so plenty of time to assess and perhaps re-adjust goals … Continue reading

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Get your app on — dictation from your iPhone

Where are we going with mobile apps around healthcare?  Someone remarked to me recently how much of a visionary Steve Jobs was and that while the company is still well run and producing some interesting products, the thrill is gone.  … Continue reading

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