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My computer is down, and it won’t come up!

In the old days, when you bought a computer it came with a set of disks that you could use to reinstall Windows completely.  Unfortunately those who were less than honest used these disks to install Windows on lots of … Continue reading

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Where’s my computer?

While this information will prove to be more useful for Windows 8 users, it is also relevant to those using Windows 7. There are times when you need to access files directly on your computer.  Windows XP called it My … Continue reading

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It said what????

Most of us work with our computer every day. As a result, we start doing things on autopilot. While this ability is helpful in getting work done quickly and efficiently, it can work against us if we stop paying attention. … Continue reading

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Don’t become a victim

I recently spent an entire day cleaning up a machine that had been compromised, which prompted me to write this article. It is my hope that some of these tips will save you time and frustration in the future. Don’t … Continue reading

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Lights, cameras, action!

I love watching movies on my iPad, but I don’t buy movies online to do it. Why should I when I already own the DVD? This blog article will discuss a ways you can use your tablet to watch movies … Continue reading

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