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Windows 10 upgrade deadline approaching

Let me start by saying that I’m not encouraging anyone to upgrade to Windows 10.  The operating system you use is a personal choice like the car you choose.  There is no wrong answer.  I just want to make sure … Continue reading

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Scam alert – two-factor authentication

The bad guys are always looking for new ways to get your personal information.  We talk a lot about protecting the data on your computer.  Now we need to talk about your smart phone.  Just like it’s important to keep … Continue reading

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Stop the Windows 10 madness

Microsoft has become extremely aggressive when it comes to distributing Windows 10.  I have recently received reports from several users stating that Windows 10 is attempting to install itself as part of regular updates, and stopping the process is becoming … Continue reading

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Windows 10 security modifications revisited

Last year, I told you to be careful if you upgraded to Windows 10 as far as HIPAA goes.  Recently, I’ve had a few users who purchased new computers that came with Windows 10, and they forgot about the needed … Continue reading

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Why didn’t I think of that?

Working from home can be tough, especially if you work the late night shift.  What do you do if you have computer problems when the IT department is not available?  To answer that question, I thought I would devote this … Continue reading

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